What are Some Franchise Opportunities in MA?

What are Some Franchise Opportunities in MA?

Franchising business has become a lucrative business opportunity over the past few years. Owning a franchise gives you a chance to operate as a representative of a large and well-known chain while following established standards and requirements.

Moreover, operating as a franchisee gives you certain freedom in organizing and running your business. Of course, there are some financial commitments that you’ll have to bear. In the paragraphs that follow, we are going to have a look at some of the most lucrative franchise opportunities in the state of Massachusetts.

1. Beautifully Passive – Medical Spa Equipment

This franchise opportunity is in the beauty and wellness industry. The company provides a passive income opportunity by placing its Pulse Light and Cold Sculpting weight loss machines at strategic locations in your area. With an initial investment of just $30,000, you’ll be able to start making money from day one.

The company also provides free training to the beauty salon personnel so that they can operate the machines safely and effectively. At the end of the month or the week, you’ll collect 50% of the money from the machines. The other half is for the beauty salon.

You’ll have to check the amount of cash in the machines against their in-built usage timer. The Intense Pulse Light Machine operates in 30-minute sessions, while a session of the Cold Sculpting Weight Loss Machines takes between 45 and 55 minutes to complete. All treatment sessions are automatically recorded on a treatment log that you’ll need to check at the end of each billing period.

2. Time To Eat Delivery

This franchise opportunity in Massachusetts is in the food delivery sector. Your clientele will mostly consist of small grocery stores and family restaurants, to which you’ll offer your services. You can select one or multiple locations for your Time To Eat franchise business, but you’ll need to find them on your own.

The company provides the required initial training for free, and you can run the business from the comfort of your home. Operating this franchise can be your part-time or full-time job. To start this franchise business, you’ll need to make an initial payment of just $3,500.

The total investment is estimated at $34,500, but you can also start with as little as $20,000. The potential of this franchise opportunity is estimated at $170,000 in the first year alone. If you have little or no previous experience in the franchise business, you should expect about $100,000 in return.

3. Tread Connection Wheel & Tire Franchise

The Tread Connection Company dominates the mobile wheel and tire business in the state of Massachusetts. This franchise opportunity boils down to driving a van equipped with reliable tire and wheel repair equipment.  The tasks involved in running this franchise include helping drivers change their flat tires on the highways and inter-city roads across the state. If you want to make a more serious start, you can ask them for a fleet of vans!

Tread Connection promises to provide a comprehensive initial training program for free. However, some previous experience as a mechanic will be of great help to you in this new venture. The training includes a seven-day course in Charlotte, NC, plus three days of on-site instruction.

The franchise provider also guarantees territory protection, so you should not worry about having to compete with other Tread Connection franchisees. Also, the mobile tire service stations of the company operate in standard business hours from Monday to Friday so as not to disrupt your work-life balance.

This is a rather expensive franchise opportunity. The minimum start-up capital is estimated at $50,000 and there is a one-time franchise fee of $37,500. Therefore, the total investment required can reach about $100,000.




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